Updated Masterlist

BSM 1: You sneak out/do something bad and he grounds you

BSM 2: He meets your first boyfriend (Age 5-8)

BSM 3: Another boy doesn’t approve of your outfit (babysits you)

BSM 4: He puts you in time out

BSM 5: Meeting the boys (Age 2-5)

BSM 6: His girlfriend has done something bad and says it was you

BSM 6: His girlfriend has done something bad and says it was you - Part 2

BSM 7: He finds out you have a crush

BSM 8: You guys have a fight and he makes you cry so another boy comforts you (10-12)

BSM 8: You guys have a fight and he makes you cry so another boy comforts you - Part 2

BSM 9: You ditch school and he catches you

BSM 10: He tickles you

BSM 11: Something extreme happens to you, he gets worried and returns home

BSM 11: Part 2

BSM 12: You’re eight months pregnant and he takes you to an awards show but you’re really insecure

BSM 13: One of the boys is your babysitter and you sneak out

BSM 13: One of the boys is your babysitter and you sneak out - Part 2

BSM 14: He makes you feel insecure age 15-17 

BSM 15: He spanks you and your best friend 14-17

BSM 16: You and your best friend get frightened he comforts you (12-16)

BSM 17: You’re stressed out with school and he calms you down

BSM 18: He finds out you and your boyfriend are having sex (Age 14-16)

BSM 19: He sees one of the 5SOS boys asking you out

BSM 20: His girlfriend is mean to you but he doesn’t believe you

BSM 20: His girlfriend is mean to you but he doesn’t believe you – Part 2 

BSM 21: He takes you somewhere, you walk away and he gets mad

BSM 22: You steal money from him and he catches you

BSM 23: A shy girl (fan) gets bullied and you help her

BSM 24: He finds out you have a secret talent

BSM 25: You get a tattoo and he gets mad

BSM 26: He’s a uncle

BSM 27: He misses you on tour (Age 6-11)

BSM 27: He misses you on tour (Age 6-11)

BSM 28: You’re scared of the fans

BSM 29: You were born premature

BSM 30: He finds out you can sing

BSM 31: You live with him and he threatens you to send you home

BSM 32: You’re adopted and receive hate from fans

BSM 33: You have a piercing and he gets mad

BSM 34: You break up with a member of 5SOS

BSM 35: You’re insecure

BSM 36: You swear in front of him

BSM 37: You’re little and fall asleep on a 5SOS member

BSM 38: You’re lesbian

BSM 39: He comes home from tour and you got taller

BSM 40: You’ don’t want him to spend money on you

BSM 41: He’s jealous because you spend time with another boy

BSM 42: Your first date

BSM 43: You’re drunk

BSM 44:You’re a teenager and he tells you to go to bed

BSM 45: You’re dating one of the other boys

BSM 46: You’re adopted and meet him for the first time

BSM 47: You’re adopted and get mad - Niall, Liam

BSM 47: You’re adopted and get mad - Louis, Zayn, Harry

BSM 48: You get into a dangerous situation

BSM 49: You live with him and his girlfriend/wife and feel left out because of another child - Niall, Liam, Louis     Zayn, Harry

BSM 50: He/the boys find(s) out you cut

BSM 51: You’re a single teen mum

BSM 52: He catches you smoking/finds out you smoke

BSM 53: Cute moments (Age: 2-4)

BSM 54: You post an inappropriate picture on Instagram and he’s on tour

BSM 55: You need him

BSM 56: He takes you to the ‘This is us’ premiere

BSM 57: You start to wear make up

BSM 58: He forgets your birthday

BSM 59: He sees you making out with your boyfriend

BSM 60: He takes you to the doctors but you’re afraid (Age 5-8)

BSM 61: You think nobody loves you

BSM 61: You think nobody loves you

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Niall (Age 15): You’ve always been a little bit more rebellious than the rest of your family members. You liked to be unique which wasn’t wrong but ever so often you would come home late and past your curfew or you wouldn’t do your homework. Your teacher called your parents a few times and of course they were mad but they gave you always the feeling they loved you. You thought that would never change but after the talk with one of your teachers today you weren’t so sure anymore. He told you that you probably fail his class this year. You knew you weren’t the best student but you thought you would always pass. Even worse was the fact that he said he called your parents and told them about the situation. You knew they would be mad and slowly you got the feeling that they would never forgive you this. You already started your walk home but decided to go to the nearest park since you didn’t want to face your parents. As you sit down under a tree you feel how the tears start to roll down your cheeks. Frustrated you start to whip them away but it was no help. The tears rushed down your cheeks like there’s no tomorrow. You sat there probably for hours but then you hear a familiar voice. “(Y/N)? Oh thank god.” Niall yells as he runs to you. He kneels down so he is eye level with you. He pulls out his phone and calls someone. “Mum? I’ve found her. Don’t worry. She’s fine. I bring her home.” he explains to your mum and ends the call quickly. “We were so worried. Why are you here alone?” your brother asks you after he sits down next to you. “I-I fail.” you whisper quietly. “I’ve heard about this.” he sighs and wraps an arm around your shoulders to pull you close. “They hate me.” you whimper. “Who?” Niall wants to know. “Mum and dad of course.” you say looking into his eyes. “What? They don’t. Sure they’re not happy but they could never hate you. You’re their daughter. We all love you.” Niall explains and hugs you closer. “Come on. We go home. And then we talk and find a solution together.” You nod your head in agreement and stand up. “And (Y/N). Don’t ever think that we don’t love you. You’re so important to everyone of us.” he smiles and you two start to walk home.

Liam: You never knew why but you always had the feeling that your parents and the rest of your family didn’t like you as much as your sisters or your brother. It’s not like they ignored you but as you’re the youngest in the family you felt like you never achieved something like your brother or your sisters. Of course your parents thought you’re as important as your siblings but you never believed this. Eventually you wanted to be as good as your siblings and so you started to do more activities in school. You joined the school choir even if you never liked your singing voice and you joined the theatre group. Surprisingly you loved the theatre group but as you also decided to help younger students with their school works you didn’t have any time left. You wanted that your family starts to love you and you thought that with all of the activities they see that you’re not a waste of space as you called yourself. The only problem was that you never had time for yourself. You needed to learn the script, the lyrics but also needed time for the younger students. Of course your parents noticed that you weren’t home as much as you used to or that you always looked tired. As Liam came back from tour he even told you you look extremely tired but you just shrugged it off. As you prepare the lines for your next meeting with your theatre group Liam comes into your room. “Hi. Do you want to go to the movies or something like that. We haven’t done anything for ages.” he suggest as he sits down on your bed. “I’d love to but I have to learn this.” you say and hold the script up. “Don’t you have a few hours? You could learn it tomorrow.” Liam says. “I can’t. I have choir tomorrow and I have to help someone with their homework. I give private lessons you know.” you explain while studying your text. “I always thought you don’t like to sing? You always hated your voice.” he asks suspiciously. “Well that changed.” you state sternly not looking at Liam. “(Y/N)? Look at me.” he demands as he noticed you start to get uncomfortable. “Liam I have to learn this now so can you please leav-” you try to talk your way out of the conversation but your brother cuts you off. “No. I won’t leave. I want to know what’s wrong. Mum and dad told me you’re never home and always busy. That’s not good for you. Tell me why are you doing so much?” he asks carefully. “I want to be as good as you all. You all do so much and mum and dad love you more because of that. I want this too. I’m useless and no ones likes me. I’m just sitting around.” you explain with tears in your eyes. At the end of your speech you look up to see Liam’s shocked face. “(Y/N).” he sighs and walks over to you so he can hug you. “You don’t need to do this. We love you. You’re young. Of course you sit around. I did the same but now I have a job. That’s a huge difference. I’m earning money and you shouldn’t feel the need to be as good as me or your sisters because you are as good as we are.” he explains while rocking you from side to side. “ We love you so much.” he whispers and kisses you head. “Bu-but you all have so-something you’re go-good at and then there’s-there’s me.” you hiccup against his chest. He pulls away and looks at you. “And you have time to find out what you like. If you found it we’ll support you. Now the first what we’ll do is to get you out of those clubs.” he says and as he’s about to throw the script into the bin you stop him. “I kinda like the theatre group.” you admit quietly. “Oh. Alright. Well I think you found the first thing you like doing.” he smiles as he hugs you again. “But no more choir.” you whisper by what he chuckles.

Louis: You remembered the day your mum told everyone she’s pregnant again: Of course everyone was excited and happy for your mum even you but after a little while you started to realize what this means. As you were a big family it was difficult to pay attention to everyone. You weren’t the oldest kid but not the youngest either. Often they ‘forgot’ you. Of course not really but you wished they’d paid a bit more attention towards you. It was a very stressful day at school so you were more than happy to be home. The best was that Louis came home a few days ago as you missed him like crazy. Walking inside the house you are greeted with silence. You start to look in the kitchen but no one is there so you continue your search through the house but you couldn’t find anyone. You knew that one of your sisters is on a school trip and another had a sleep over with one of her friends but the question was where is the rest? You decided to call your mother. She answers the call after a few rings and you ask her were they are. “Oh we went out to get something to eat. I didn’t want to cook today.” she says happily. “Why did you ask?” she wants to know as you swallow hard. “Well it’s just that I’m all alone and I didn’t know you went out.” you explain a bit annoyed. “Oh god. I’m sorry. I though you’re not home this night. I think I switched it up. Don’t worry we’ll bring some food with us.” You nod your head even if she can’t see you. “It’s ok. You don’t need to. I’ll find something here.” you say sadly and end the call. Now you weren’t someone to freak out about small things but this wasn’t the first time this happened. It were situation where they almost forgot you at the mall or bought your ‘favourite food’ which was someone else favourite in the end. All these things came together and suddenly a few tears started to roll down your cheeks. Frustrated you walked into the backyard and stare into the air. Deep inside you know your parents love you but right now it feels like no one is there for you. You cry for what felt like hours. At one point you heard voices inside the house but you ignored them. Just as someone walks outside towards you you look up and see Louis walking over to you. “(Y/N)?” he asks as he sits next to you. “How are you.” You sigh and shrug your arm. He wraps his arm around your shoulders and pulls you to his body. “We’re sorry. Mum thought your out and so we didn’t asked if you want to come with us.” he explains. You nods your head not looking at him. “I’m used to it.” you whisper. “What are you talking about.” he asks and pulls away. “That I’m forgotten. That nobody loves me. That I’m alone.” you state looking straight ahead. “(Y/N). You know that’s not true. We all love you.” he sighs and pulls you into a big hug. “But-but” you start to sob but he hushes you. “No buts. I know it can be hard with such a big family but I promise you we care about each other.” You nod your head. “I know it was just too much today. My day was horrible and this topped everything.” you hiccup lightly. “You know what’s great about such a big family. You get hugs and cuddly from everywhere. Now come on we want to watch a movie.” he says and pulls you up and a smile starts to form on your face again.

Zayn: It was very hard for you as Zayn left for tour because you were always very close to your brother. Of course you loved the rest of your family too but you had a very special bound with him. Zayn was the one your trusted the most and whenever you had problems you went to him. You still talk with him over the phone but it was difficult to speak about your problems when you know that he isn’t there to hug you and kiss your head like he always did. The only thing he could do was to tell you it’ll be alright but it wasn’t the same. Zayn knows that this is hard for you and tries to call and talk with you as often as possible but often you wouldn’t talk about your difficulties as you’re to happy to hear his voice. You’ve never been someone who’s very open towards new people and so it was hard to find new friends in school. You know that a lot of people think you’re extremely shy which wasn’t the case when you were with your friends or family you just liked to be careful and liked to wait until you trusted someone. Of course not everyone understood this and so some people started to bully you. At first it was harmless. They laughed here and there about you and you didn’t really cared about this but since a few weeks they also call you names. It was hard to be called a slut or loser every time you walked into school and at this point you didn’t need to be remembered that you’re worthless because now you thought it yourself. Another bad day ended for you and you felt really down. It was worse then ever before because you doubted if your family even loved you. Why should they? You’re nothing special you told yourself over and over again and decided to leave so that they’d have one less problem. As you walked along the street you realized you didn’t know where you should go and it didn’t help the situation that it started to get dark. You cried quietly as you sat down on a bench to calm down. Suddenly you felt your phone vibrating. You looked down and saw Zayn’s name. You never denied a call from him so you picked up. “Hello?” you answer quietly. “(Y/N)? Where are you. Mum called me and said she can’t find you anywhere.” your brothers frantic voice explains. “I don’t know.” You hear him sigh probably to calm himself down. “What do you mean you don’t know. Are you lost?” he asks but this makes you cry harder. “No. I run away.” you state sobbing. “But why? What happened?” You shake your head even if he can’t see you. “I can’t explain it over the phone.” It was silent for a few seconds until he speaks again. “Look. I wanted it to be a surprise but I’m coming home in three days. Not for a long time but I thought you could come on tour with me.” “Really?” you ask him. “I wouldn’t lie about those things.” he promises you. A smile appears on your face as you look down on your shoes. “I know.” you whisper. “Now. Please go home. I don’t know what’s wrong but we talk when I’m back. I hope you can wait until then.” Zayn tells you. “Sounds good. I think I’ll walk home now?” you say more like a question. “Yes you should. But stay on the phone. It’s late and I’d want to make sure you get home safe.” So you started to walk home with him on the phone the whole time and by the time you got home your mum engulfed you into a big hug and maybe your thoughts were wrong.

Harry: You didn’t know why but at one point you felt like no one’s there for you. It’s never a certain situation where you think others ignore or don’t like you. The feeling was there almost every hour, minute or second of the day and you had no idea why. Your parents are very supportive and show you often that they love you but you often think they do this because you’re their daughter and they have to do this. You had the same problem towards your siblings: They only care about you because you’re their sister. You didn’t wanted to cause troubles and so you kept all of these thoughts inside of your head. You never talked with anyone how you actually felt and it started to bother you more and more. The nights were you fall asleep with tears in your eyes become more often and the fake smile starts to form on your face more easily when someone asks you how you are. Today was another hard day for you since the negative thoughts won the battle inside your head. You started to make a plan: You want to run away. As you sit all by yourself inside your room you start to take a bag out of your closet to put in some clothes and the chocolate you found in your room. Before you leave you still need to take a bottle of water with you but they are in the kitchen right now. Not knowing where you could go to you print out a small map of your city so you aren’t completely lost. As the evening comes and the rest of your family went to bed you walk into the kitchen to grab a water bottle and to lay down the letter you wrote for your family to let them know why you run away. Quickly you walk out of the house and start to walk. After hours of walking around you become tired and of course you look for a place to stay the night. The problem was you didn’t really know where so you keep walking looking out for a good opportunity. What you never expected was that a car would follow you. As you notice that the car comes to a stop you start to run until you hear a all to familiar voice. “(Y/N). Please. Stop.” your brother yells. Knowing you’re to tired to keep running you stop and turn around to see a racing Harry. As he reaches you he involves you into a big hug and mumbles hectic words into your hair. “Why do you think we don’t care.” he says with a pained expression on his face. Ashamed you look down. “I don’t know. I just feel like I’m all alone and then I become sad and-and” you start to sob but he quickly stops you. “Shh. It’s ok. We don’t have to talk today. Tomorrow is another day. Right now we drive back and just sleep. I was shocked as I read your letter.” he explains as he leads you to his car. “Really.” you whisper. “Of course. You’re my everything.” he smiles and pulls you once again into a side hug.

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BSM 60: He takes you to the doctors but you’re afraid (Age 5-8)

I’m sorry that it took a while but I finally made it. I hope you all like it and if you want you can send me your requests.

Niall:Normally your mother or your father would take you to see the doctor but not today. Both of them have to work so as your brother Niall was home for once he offered to take you. What he didn’t know was that you hate to go to the doctor. You’re always afraid of them mostly because of needles. “(Y/N)? Are you ready. We have to leave.” Niall yells from the living room while you where sitting on your bed debating to leave your room or not. As you don’t answer Niall he walks into your room. “Hey. Why won’t you answer me?” he asks as he kneels down so he can look into your eyes which are directed to the floor. “I don’t want to go.” you mumble quietly. “What? I can’t understand you like that. You have to open your mouth to speak clearly.” he teases you. He stands up and picks you up so you’re rested on his waist. “Now tell me. What is wrong?” You look up to him and and tell him that you don’t want to go. “And why?” You cuddle into his chest and hug him tightly. “I don’t like needles.” you confess and your tears start to water. “Hey hey.” he chuckles as he notices your tears. “No need to cry. Look. You need your jab so I can’t promise you you won’t get one but I promise you I’ll hold your hand the whole time. And after you’ve been a big girl we can get some ice cream. How does this sound?” he questions. “You hold my hand all the time?” you whisper quietly. “Of course.” he chuckles. “And I get chocolate ice cream?” He nods laughing. “If you’re good then yes.”

Liam: You loved to spend time with Liam as your time was limited. He was often on tour, spend time with his girlfriend or with your whole family but not so often with you alone. Liam decided to take you to the park because it’s very sunny and so you two drove to the nearest park. “So what do you want to do first?” Liam asks as you two walk to the playground. “I want to go to the swings.” you exclaim and grab his hand to drag him towards them. “Alright. Up you go.” he laughs as he picks you up and sets you on one of the swings. “I can do it alone.” you point out as Liam starts to push your back lightly. He chuckles and nods his head. “I forgot that you’re a big girl now.” You nod your head in agreement and start to rock. “I bet I can jump and land on my feet.” you say proudly as Liam’s eyes widen. “No. Don’t.” he says but during that time you already jumped of the swing. Sadly you don’t land as you planned and drop on your leg. As the pain sets in you start to cry. “Oh no love. Where does it hurt?” Liam questions hectically. You point to your leg and he picks you up carefully. “We have to go to the hospital.” he sighs and walks to the car. As you hear these words you start to panic. You did not like hospitals and doctors at all. “Noooo.” you squirm in his arms. “(Y/N), Stop moving. I don’t want to drop you.” he demands. You stop but now there are new tears in your eyes. “You don’t need to cry. I know you don’t like doctors but I promise you it’ll be better afterwards. They’ll check and see what’s wrong and then they’ll help you so it won’t hurt anymore. Wouldn’t that be better?” You around not meeting his eyes and nod your head. “Maybe.” you whisper. “See. Come on. It’ll be over before you notice it.”

Louis: Everyone notice that you feel a little bit under the weather and as you woke up today it was clear that you’re sick. You coughed the whole morning and had to vomit. Louis was there for you the whole time as your parents weren’t home. “Stay here. I’ll call mum and dad.” Louis states and leaves the room. After a few minutes he comes back into the room. “Alright. We don’t have any medicine left so we have to go to the doctors first. Your eyes widen and you quickly hide under your blanket. “Never.” you scream as Louis tries to pull off your blanket. “(Y/N)? What’s wrong? It’s just a short visit so we can make sure it’s just a flu and nothing worse.” Louis explains. Finally you let go of the blanket and Louis pulls it off. You stare at him with scarred eyes. “Something worse?” you ask quietly. “No. I mean. It’s probably just a flu but it’s important we ask the doctor what’s the right medicine. We want to have our little healthy girl back as soon as possible.” he says and tickles you stomach lightly. “But it’s scary.” you mumble. He smiles sadly at you and picks you up and sets you on his lap. “Look. I promise you he’ll won’t do anything scary. The doctor wants to help you and I’m with you.” You look sadly into his eyes. “But he has many horrible tools.” you whine and hide your face in his chest. He chuckles. “But he won’t need them all on you.” You look up sceptical. “You promise?” Louis nods his head. “I promise. Now come on. We need to get you dressed.”

Zayn: “(Y/N)?” Zayn yells through the house. You’re hiding under your bed because you know you have to go to the doctors today. Only problem was that you hated doctors because you were always scared of them. “Come on (Y/N). We have to get ready.” Zayn tries again and you hear that someone opens the door to your room.. “I know you’re in here. Why don’t you come out. I know you’re scared but I’m here for you. It’s just a quick trip to the doctors.” he says calmly. You take in a sharp breath which Zayn heard. He kneels down and looks under your bed. “Well look who’s here.” he chuckles and grabs both of your arms and pulls you forward. “You know you have to go.” he explains and kisses your head as he starts to leave the house with you on his hip. “But I don’t want to.” you whine. “I know but you won’t get a jab today. Just a quick check up. He’ll do some easy tests with you and then you’re free to go.” You nod your head understanding what he means. “If you want we can do something together afterwards.” he promises. “Really? Only you and me?” you ask with wide eyes as those moments were rare. “Yes. Only you and me.”

Harry: Yesterday your whole family was out eating in a restaurant to celebrate your mums birthday. Of course you also ate dinner but apparently you ate something wrong. You woke up and quickly sprinted into the bathroom where you started to vomit. Your throat starts to hurt so your eyes begin to water. “(Y/N)?” you hear a sleepy voice. You look up to see a sleepy Harry coming into the bathroom. “Harry” you cry as you see him. “Hey hey. What’s wrong?” he asks suddenly wide awake. “I don’t feel good.” you explain shortly. “Oh no.” he sighs and helps you to get cleaned up. “Well I think the best is to go to the doctors so we can make sure you’re ok.” As you hear these words you start to freak out on the inside but didn’t say anything because you wanted to be a big girl and big girls aren’t afraid of doctors. As you arrive you start to get nervous which the result that you start to shiver. “(Y/N)? Do you have to throw up again?” he asks worriedly. “No.” you start to sob. “I’m scared.” you add after a second. Harry quickly picks you up and rocks you back and forth. “You don’t need to be. It’ll be fine. We go inside and it’ll be over in a few minutes.” You shake your head no. “But I’m a big girl. I shouldn’t be afraid.” you hiccup. “That’s alright. Many people are afraid. Even other big girls.” he whispers. “So I’m no baby?” you ask stopping to cry. “Of course not. Now come on.” he assures you and walks with you inside the doctor’s office.

BSM 59: He sees you making out with your boyfriend

I’m back. I know it was long but hopefully you still like my posts. If you have a request just leave them in my ask box and I try to write them. Please give it some notes and let’s see if we can reach about 80 notes again. Thanks for your support. I love you all so much.

Niall: In the last weeks you and your boyfriend had a lot of stress in school. This is why you both didn’t have time for each other. Fortunately these times are over now and it was normal that you made plans quickly. It was planned that you two go into the park for a picnic but now you find yourself laying on the couch with your boyfriend of top of you. His lips pressed firmly against yours as his tongue enters your mouth. You missed this feeling more than anything and he clearly too. You two got so into it you didn’t heard that someone entered the room. “No.” you hear someone whine loudly. Shocked you jump apart to see your brother standing in front of you. “I don’t want to see this when I’m around. You’re kissing my sister.” he says and points to your boyfriend. “No brother wants to see this.” he complains. “Sorry Niall.” you tell him and try to contain your laugh as your boyfriend glares at you. “I think we go to my room.” you try to save the situation. “(Y/N) wait a second.” your brother demands. He waits till your boyfriend is in your room. “I know that you’re old enough to have a boyfriend and so but please be you know. Careful.” he explains clearly uncomfortable. “I mean I was once your age and it’s exciting and.” “Please don’t say more.” you stop him before he goes into detail. “I know everything I need to know.” you state awkwardly. “I better go.” you say and quickly run away, not wanting to discuss the subject with your brother.

Liam: You and your boyfriend are together since a few weeks and so you spend almost every moment together. As you two relax in your room you couldn’t keep your hands off each other. Every other minute you would kiss and so it wasn’t a surprise that you find yourself under him on your bed. What you forgot was that Liam had a break from tour and would come and visit you today. As Liam enters the house with your mother he was surprised that you didn’t jump right into his arms as you do this usually. “She’s probably in her room.” your mother says and so he quickly runs to your room. Without knocking he opens your door ready to wrap his arms around you but instead he sees your arms around another boy. As you realize you door opened you quickly pull away and push your boyfriend away. He lands on the floor with a thud. “What was that for?” he complains. “I’m sorry.” you apologize quickly before you turn to Liam. “Liam. You’re home.” you say happily and quickly run to him. “Who’s that?” he asks coldly. You sigh before taking your boyfriends hand. “That’s my boyfriend. We’re dating since a few weeks.” you admit. “Wait downstairs.” you whisper to your boyfriend as he leaves the room. “So you have a boyfriend now.” Liam smiles sadly. “He’s really nice. I told him about you and he wanted to meet you. Please be nice to him.” you plead an he sighs. “I try. But if he ever hurts or wants you to do things you don’t want than…” he threats. “Don’t worry. He’s not like that.” He rolls his eyes. “Of course. They are always nice and then they want more and. What I mean. Be careful. I don’t want you to get hurt.” he confess and hugs you tightly. “I’ll be careful. I promise. Now come on. You should meet him and be nice.” you warn by what he starts to laugh.

Louis: “Are you going out?” Louis asks as you walk towards the front door. “Yes. (Y/BF/N) and I going out for dinner.” you explain him as you put on your shoes. “Don’t be back too late.” he yells before you walk out of your house towards your boyfriend. He greets you with a kiss and you both drive to the little restaurant. After your dinner date he drives you back home and walks you to the door. “Thanks for bringing me home.” you say as he holds you in his arms. “No problem.” he smiles and leans in to kiss you. Of course you return the kiss immediately. The kiss doesn’t stay as innocent as it was in the beginning. Quickly you’re into a full make out session as suddenly the door swings open. “Alright. That’s enough. Goodbye (Y/BF/N).” Louis declares and drags you in. “Louis.” you laugh as he turns to look at you. “You shouldn’t do this.” he whines. “I’m 17. I think that’s normal. We were just kissing and not more.” you tell him and roll your eyes. “Until now. Next time he wants more and you can’t do anything against it. He’s just a teenage boy.” Louis sighs and you could tell he’s a little bit frustrated. “Louis. He’s nice and you know that.” He nods his head and pulls you into a hug. “You’re right. I just want you safe.” he whispers and kisses your head.

Zayn: You were lucky enough to have the house to yourself for the weekend and so you invited your boyfriend over. Your parents allowed it as they trust you and luckily also your boyfriend. You both ordered pizza and decided to watch a movie. After a while you feel his hand starts to stroke your side as you lay with your had against his chest. Suddenly he leans down to kiss you softly on the lips. “I love you.” he whispers and a huge grin forms on your face. This was the first time he said it. “I love you too.” you say blushing. You both lean in to kiss again and soon you’re under him while kissing heavily. “Hey! What are you doing on my sister.” you hear an all to familiar voice. Quickly your boyfriend sits up and you look towards your brother. “I think you should leave.” he says sternly. He nods and gives you a quick kiss before running out of the house. “What the hell. You’re alone for once and then you have this boy over.” Zayn yells. “Zayn calm down. We’re together for over a month and know each other almost a year. He’s one of my best friends.” you defend yourself. “Why didn’t you tell me.” he asks a lot quieter than before before. You sigh. “You’re very protective and that’s nice but I love him and…” you explain and stop the sentence with a sigh. “Wow. Love?” he asks and pulls you into his arms. “Yes. We said it the first time today.” you admit blushing. “Well I think it’s ok. But I want to meet him properly. And I never want to see you like that again. Do you know how weird it is?” You nod your head. “I do. You had the one or other girl over you know.”

Harry: You always were the baby of the family and so especially Harry treated you often like you’re still a little girl. His reaction was priceless as you introduced your boyfriend. After a while he got used to the idea as he got to know him and was sure he’s a nice boy. Nevertheless he didn’t trust him completely and made sure your door would be open when he’s over. During the movie you and your boyfriend watch he leans down to kiss you and so you started to make out. He was on top of you as his tongue enters your mouth. You moan lightly against his lips and his hand starts to play with the hem of your shirt. Slowly he lifts it over your head and you don’t stop him. Suddenly you hear someone yelling. “That’s my sister.” You pull away from your boyfriend to see your brother in the doorway. You yelp and searched in record time for your shirt. After you put it on your boyfriend leaves. Harry sighs “(Y/N).” he begins. “I know you’re both excited and young but please don’t rush it. You both have time and if the time is right you should be careful so…” he explains. “Wait wait wait.” you interrupt him quickly. “Are you trying to give me the talk? Stop it. I already know this stuff.” you tell him desperately. “Are you sure?” he asks. “Of course. And if not I wouldn’t talk with my brother about it.” you answer him. “Just be safe.” he says and pulls you into a hug while kissing your head.

BSM 58: He forgets your birthday

Niall: You always loved your birthday and every year you would be extremely excited. Of course you were already nervous a day before your actual birthday. “Niall? Do you know which day is tomorrow?” you teased as you sit down next to him on the couch. “Saturday?” he asks confused. “Yeah but what else?” you roll your eyes. You look at him as he starts to think. “Don’t know. Is there a new movie coming up?” he asks and shrugs his shoulders. You frown at his responds as he usually shares your excitement. “You know. I’m really tired. I’m going to bed.” Niall announces and leaves the room. A little bit sad you sit on the couch and stare at the white wall. Every year Niall stayed up with you until midnight so he would be the first to congratulate you. After a while you went to bed yourself and wait till the clock passes the 12. Finally it was time and you hoped that Niall would come into your room but nothing. Sighing you realize that he probably forgot that’s your birthday as it was unusual for him to break such a tradition. Knowing he had a lot going on right now you smile sadly to yourself and stand up to walk towards Niall’s room. Slowly you walk in to see him asleep. You walk over to him and climb into his bed. He stirs and looks confused at you. “(Y/N)? What’s wrong? Bad dream?” he guesses and wraps an arm around you. “Nope. It’s my birthday.” you whisper and even in the dark you can see that his eyes get huge. “Oh no. (Y/N). I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to forget.” he apologizes. “It’s ok.” you sigh not able to stay mad at him. “But I didn’t stay up with you.” he pouts. Getting an idea you grab his alarm and turn it one hour back. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. We still have an hour.” you smirk and he starts to laugh. “Happy birthday.” he whispers in your ear.

Liam: You were lucky enough that Liam was already back from tour and so in time for your birthday. After you woke up your whole family congratulate you and your mother told you Liam would come after lunch. To be honest the only real gift you wanted was to spend some time with your brother again so it was normal that you were excited and couldn’t wait until he would be here. And so you waited and waited. You decided to call him as your mother said he’d be already here. After several rings he still didn’t answer and so you gave up. ‘Maybe he’s driving right now' you think to yourself as you sit down to watch TV. Hours went by and still no sign of Liam. The rest of your family noticed that you weren't very happy and tried to cheer you up. “I think I go out for a walk.” you announce sadly as you grab your jacket. “But dinner is almost ready. I made your favourite.” your mum tries to stop you but you shrug your shoulders. “I'm not even hungry. Don't worry I'll be back soon. Just need some air.” you explain and walk out. Listening to your music you completely forget everything around you and you keep walking. Suddenly you feel a hand on your shoulder and you start to scream until you hear the familiar voice. “(Y/N). It's me. Calm down.” You turn around to see Liam and quickly the anger rises inside of you. You storm pass him towards your home. “Hey. What's wrong? And what are you doing here alone?” He asks confused. You roll your eyes and continue to walk. “Ok. Now stop.” he says and holds your shoulders so you can't walk away. “What's wrong?” he asks. “What's wrong? You want to know what's wrong?” you ask surprisingly calm. “It's my birthday and I waited the whole day for you.” you explain shortly and turn around to walk the last meters to your house. Just as you entered Liam called your name. “I'm sorry.” is the only thing he says before he pulls you into a hug. “I mixed up the date. You know I love you and wouldn't do this on purpose right?” You look into his eyes and sigh. “Yeah I know.” you say with a small smile and hug him tightly.

Louis: You woke up smiling as you remembered which day is today. It seems like nothing can bring you down today. Happily you start to do your hair and put on a bit of make up. Normally you wouldn’t do that much as you would have to go to school but since it’s your birthday you thought why not. After putting you clothes on you went downstairs with a big grin. Your parents wished you a happy birthday before they had to left for work. Eating alone your breakfast you check your facebook and notice a few messages from people you see at school. You look up at someone enters the kitchen. “Good morning.” you say smiling as you see Louis. “Morning.” he replies shortly. “Why are you so happy at such an hour?” he asks yawning. “Because I love this day. You know why.” you tell him grinning. Confused he turns to you. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” A bit shocked you look at him. “Seriously?” you ask lightly annoyed. “I have to go.” you say and roll your eyes. At school your best friends wished you the best and gave you a few presents. “And you think he forgot?” your friend asks as you tell her about this morning. “I think so but to be honest I’m not that mad. At least he’s home. With the album he had a lot of stress.” you explain. And it was the truth. First of all you couldn’t stay mad at Louis and you were just glad he’s home. After school you walked from school with the presents in your hands. As you enter the house Louis is the first to greet you. “Tell me why this day is so special beca-” he babbles but stops as he sees the presents. His eyes widen before he shuts them quickly. “Your birthday. (Y/N) I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I’m honest I forgot it completely and-” “It’s ok.” you interrupt him laughing. “What?” he asks. “It’s alright. I’m just glad you’re home.” you admit and give him a hug. “Do I still get a gift?” you ask smiling. He chuckles and nods his head. “Wait till tomorrow.”

Zayn: It was already hard enough that Zayn was on tour during your birthday but it was even harder as he hasn’t called you. At least a text but nothing. At first you thought the time difference are the problem but then he still didn’t call. It literately broke your heart as you realized he forgot your birthday. Even worse was as you came home from school Perrie sat on the couch smiling as she sees you. “Happy birthday.” she says and gives you a hug. You give her a small smile in return. “Here. I know you miss Zayn maybe this helps. We picked it out together.” You tried to be excited but you couldn’t. “Like he cares.” you snap and she looks confused. “What do you mean? You know he loves you.” You sigh and shake your head. “He didn’t call me or did anything to wish me a happy birthday. Nothing. I simply forgot.” you tell her as you feel a little tears in your eyes. “What? He didn’t?” You nod your head as she hugs you. “Come on. We show him what he misses.” Quickly she pulls you into the bathroom and together you do your hear and make up. After that she took you to a small bar where you enjoyed some non alcoholic drinks. “Now. Smile.” she says and you take a picture together. You watch as she sends Zayn a text saying: ‘She still has fun on her birthday even if she has a forgetful brother.’ along with the picture. It didn’t take long till you feel your phone vibrating. You accept the call. “Yes.” you say teasingly. “(Y/N) I swear I didn’t mean it. You know I love you right? Really. I’m sorry. I hope you still had a good birthday.” he rushes. “Yes I did. At least you’re sorry.”

Harry: Harry was never one to forgot a birthday or any other important event but today you weren’t that sure. He didn’t say anything to you the whole day but you thought you wait until the evening to say anything as you would go out to eat dinner with your family. After you got ready you walked towards Harry’s room to see if he’s ready as well. Not like you expected it. “Are you ready?” you ask him but your frown as you see him laying on his bed still in his jogging pants. “For what?” he asks confused. “You really forgot didn’t you?” you ask smirking and leaning against his doorframe. “What are you talking about?” he asks again. “Which day is today?” you try to help him. “Saturday. Why?” You roll your eyes. “Ok. Let’s try again. How old am I?” He chuckles. “What’s up with these questions. I mean you’re sixte- Wait. No. No.” he says quickly as he runs to look at the date. “Oh yes. You forgot my birthday.” you tell him again and he winces as you literately rub salt into his wound. “I’m sorry. I’m so glad to be back that I forgot completely that it’s your birthday. Not like I don’t care but..” he trails off. “Well we can’t change that now. At least get ready. We leave in a few minutes for dinner.” you explain. “I’m glad you’re not that mad.” he says and hugs you. “Yeah yeah. Now hurry.” you chuckle. “Oh and (Y/N). Happy birthday.” he says before he quickly gets ready.

BSM 57: You start to wear make up

Niall: You started to wear make up a little while ago. You thought it was normal that you wear a little bit of it now. It wasn’t that much just a bit mascara and you started to put concealer on to cover your dark circles around your eyes. It was still natural so it became quickly to your every day routine. You haven’t seen Niall for a while so your were excited to see him today. Knowing it would be too hectic at the airport you stayed home and waited there. As you see the familiar car driving up your driveway you started to run down the stairs. Just then the front door opens and Niall walks in. Quickly you run into his arms as he hugs you tightly. “How are you?” he asks as he pulls away from the hug. “Great.” you say smiling as a little tear runs down your cheek. “No need to cry.” he chuckles as he takes his thump and starts to wish around your eye to wipe away your tears. During the process he apparently wiped away a bit of your mascara. He looks confused at your face. “What?” you laugh still a bit in tears. “Are you wearing make up?” he asks as he takes a closer look. You nod your head yes not knowing why it is such a big deal. “But you’re my baby sister.” he whines. You laugh and hug him again. “But I still am. Just with make up.” you tell him. “I swear if you attract boys then you throw this stuff away.” he jokes but you know there’s a little bit truth behind it.

Liam: You and a few of your friends decided to try to wear make up. So as you went shopping together you also looked around the make up section. Each of you bought a mascara and a little bit foundation. As it was already dark Liam suggested that he would pick you and your friends up. As he arrives you all get into the car and he drives your friends home. As you’re the only one left he turns to you. “So did you find something?” he asks and points to the bag. “Yes I did.” you say suddenly a bit nervous as you never bought make up. “Great.” he smiles as you two arrive home. Quickly you walk to your room to try out your new achievements. Sitting in front of the mirror you take out the mascara and open it before you put it on slowly. Just then your door opens. “Mum said dinner is ready.” he says casually glancing from his phone to you. “What are you doing?” he asks confused and walks over to you. “N-nothing.” you say avoiding his eyes. “Come on. Tell me.” he laughs and chases you around your room. Finally he catches you and turns you around. “Wait. What do you have on your eyes.” he asks as he studies your face. “Mascara.” you mumble so he doesn’t her a word. “What?” he asks again. You sigh and show him your hand with the mascara. “So you start to wear make up now.” he points out. “You know you don’t need it.” he adds quickly. “We bought it together today.” you explain. “Oh so that’s what you bought.” he smirks as you two walk downstairs.

Louis: A lot of girls in your grade started to wear make up. You thought that it looks good on them and to be honest you wouldn’t mind to cover up your skin imperfections. So one day you decided to buy yourself your first make up. After watching a few youtube tutorials you knew better how you should put it on. The next day you woke up a few minutes earlier so you’d have enough time to apply your make up. Happy with the result you walk downstairs to get breakfast. Just as you finished eating you put your plate away and Louis walks in. “What are you doing up?” he asks yawning. “Well I have to go to school in case you forgot.” you laugh. “Right.” he mumbles more awake now. “So I thought we could do something when you’re back.” he asks as he starts to prepare his own breakfast. “Sure.” you say. As he turns around he looks confused. “What?” you ask as he keeps staring on your face. “Do I have something on my face?” you want to know but he shakes his head. “No but. Are you wearing make up?” You nod you head and shrug your shoulders. “Why not?” “Well you never wear it.” he explains. “I know but all of my friends start to wear it.” you answer him. “So? You don’t have to wear it.” he argues. “You’re beautiful without it.” he continues. You smile at his words. “Thanks but I like it. It’s not too much right?” you ask as you turn to him. “Oh my god. I don’t look like a clown.” you start to panic and look for a mirror. “No.” he laughs. “It’s alright. But that’s enough for a while.” he states before leaving the kitchen.

Zayn: “I can’t believe he asked me out.” you say smiling to your best friend. “I told you he likes you.” she laughs with you. “Now. Do you know what you’ll wear?” she asks you as you walk into your room. “I don’t know. Maybe some jeans and a nice shirt?” you wonder out loud. She gives you a look and walks to your closet. “What about the nice summer dress? I know you’ll love it and you look gorgeous in it.” she tells you as she spots the dress. She pulls it out and shows it to you. “Maybe you’re right.” you sigh as you change into the dress. You walk over to the mirror. “So we have the outfit. Now your hair and make up.” she announces as you walk into the bathroom. “You know I don’t have make up.” you mumble. “But I do. Come on. Only a little bit.” she begs you. “Well then you have to do it. I have no idea how to do this.” you chuckle. “Yes.” she yells excitedly and starts to do her magic. As she’s finished you take a look in the mirror. “I love it. It’s not too much.” you smile at her. She hugs you and you two start to walk to the front door as your date will be here any minute. “You’re going out?” Zayn asks as he sees you two. “Yes. I have a date.” you tell him smiling but he frowns. “A date?” he asks as he stands up and walks to you. You nod your head. “You’re wearing make up? You never do.” he states. “But it’s a date.” you whine at your brother. “And that boy will like you even more.” he whines like you. “That’s the point.” you laugh and roll your eyes. “Why do you have to grow up.” he sighs just as the doorbell rings. “Love you.” you tell him and give him a kiss on the cheek before opening the door.

Harry: It’s not unusual that teens start to wear make up and so you’re interested too. The only problem was you have no idea how to put it on correctly. Carefully you tried to put on foundation. After it you took a mascara for your eyelashes. You thought it looks a bit weird so you searched to find something to remove your make up. As you don’t find anything you leave your room to look in the bathroom. On your way you walk right into the arms of your brother. “Hey. Slow down.” he laughs and looks at you. “Wow. What happened to your face?” he asks shocked. “Thank you very much.” you say annoyed. “I tried out make up.” you mumble and push past him as he starts to laugh. “I’m sorry” he says still chuckling as you slam the bathroom door shut. You weren’t fast enough to lock the door so Harry walks in. “I’m really sorry. It’s just. You look interesting.” he says carefully. “I know.” you say grimly. “It looks so easy.” you sigh as you start to remove it. “Well I think you don’t need it but I mean you can ask your sister. I’m sure she helps you.” he advises you. “Maybe you’re right.” you smile and turn to him. “And make sure to wear less. It was way to much.” he says and gives you a side hug.

BSM 56: He takes you to the ‘This is us’ premiere

I know it was a while ago but I still got the request so I thought why not.

Niall (Age 15): “You’re ready?” Niall asks as he walks into your room. Quietly you look to the ground. “Why aren’t you dressed?” your brother wants to know as he walks closer to you. “We have to go in a bit.” he adds. “I don’t want to go.” you mumble. “What? Can you please say it so I understand it?” he says a bit annoyed as he is already stressed out. “I don’t want to go.” you state now more clearly to understand. You look up slowly and see the frown on his face. “But why? I thought you were so excited.” he says sadly. You sigh and look back to the floor. “Come on. What’s wrong?” he asks and walks even closer. With one of his fingers he pushes your chin up so you have to look at him. “Well?” You sigh again. “I don’t belong there. I won’t look good in that dress and I don’t think it’s a good idea to be there.” you confess. To your surprise his face turns to an understanding expression. “You’re scared to be judged aren’t you? So what if someone says something about the way you look. Others will think you look beautiful. I know how you look in this dress and you look wonderful in it. There’ll be always people who want that you feel bad about yourself. I mean they also write some stuff about me.” Niall explains. “If you really don’t want to come than it’s alright but I would love if you’ll come with me.” he admits and kisses your forehead. After that he leaves your room and you stare at you dress. ‘I can’t let him down.’ you think to yourself before slipping on the dress. After you’re finished you run down the stairs. “Wait. I’ll come with you.” you shout as Niall wants to leave. He smiles as he turns around. “I told you you’ll look great.” he says before hugging you.

Liam (Age 4): You wanted to go to the ‘This is us’ premiere with Liam since he told you that they make a movie. It took you some time to convince him. “I don’t know. It’ll go really long. You’ll be tired.” he always said. Luckily with your big puppy eyes you had to chance to change his mind. “But please. I want to be with you.” you said with the saddest look you could offer. You saw it in his eyes how it broke him. As he said yes you were more than excited and now the day is almost here. “Liam. How long?” you ask as you sit next to him. “What do you mean.?” he asks while watching TV. “The premiere.” you remind him. “Ohh. It’s tomorrow. You know this.” he smiles at you. “But why not today.” you whine. He chuckles and sits you on his lap. “Because we invited everyone for tomorrow. Don’t worry you just have to sleep one more time and than we can get ready.” he says and kisses your forehead. “Ok. Thank you.” you say and kiss his cheek. “Good night.” you say as you start to walk to your room. “What?” he laughs. “It’s just 5.” You turn around to face him. “But you said I have to sleep one more time. So I sleep now than we can go.” He laughs and picks you up. “Come on. We watch a bit TV and than we eat dinner.” You do as he says and quickly the next day comes along. “Liam I need your help.” you say excitedly as you enter his room. “What is it?” he smiles. “My dress.” you answer him. He helps you to zip it up and than you’re both finished to go. As you arrived you can already see the crowd of people outside of the car. “Li? I’m scared.” you say as you see the flashing lights. “It’s ok.” he tells you and hugs you tightly. “You’ll be drove to the back and than we see each other inside ok?” You nod and hug him a bi tighter before he lets go and goes on the red carpet.

Louis (Age 16): At the beginning you thought it would be nice to be with Louis during the premiere but only because you thought you could spend some time with him. Now you just sit around waiting for Louis as he has to finish lots of interviews. “Are you ok?” your mum asks as she sits next to you. “Yeah yeah.” you sigh. “I just thought I would be going to the premiere with Louis. Not that he’s in the same area while I sit here and hope he’ll be here at some point.” you explain. “I know. But Louis has to finish these interviews.” she tells you. “Isn’t it always like that.” you ask and stand up to look around. After a while you finally find the drinks. Taking yourself something you feel a tip on your shoulder. You turn around to see Liam. “Hi. You finished your interviews?” you ask taking a sip of your drink. “We did and by the way. Louis is looking for you.” Liam says. You nod and start to walk back to your previous spot. “Hi. I was looking for you.” Louis says from behind you. You turn around and give him a small smile. “Liam told me.” you announce. “Mum told me that you’re a bit upset.” You shrug your shoulders. “I just thought I have a bit more time with you.” you say and bump his shoulder with yours. “I know but you know how it is. I’m sure we have more time after it.” he promises you.

Zayn (Age 14): “How do I look?” you ask Zayn. “Good. I like the dress.” Zayn tells you as he eyes you up and down. “Wow. Now my little sister starts to wear high heels.” he laughs as he looks at your shoes. “They aren’t to high and they look great to the dress.” you defend yourself. “I know I know.” he chuckles. “It’s just not usual to see this.” he explains. You nod your head and you start to leave for the premiere. “I can’t believe you even have a movie.” you say on your way. “Believe me. Me neither.” After a short time you finally arrive. During the movie you sit next to Zayn and he starts to whisper before it starts. “I’m glad you’re all here.” You turn to him and mutter a ‘Me too’. After the movie finished your feet start to hurt not being used to wearing such shoes. As everyone decided to go to a little after party you tried to fake a smile but apparently Zayn noticed it. “Something wrong?” he asks. You move from one to the other foot. “Of course.” you try to sound convincing. “Well if you say so.” he says with a little smirk on his lips. “Come on we should search for the others.” he says still smirking. You start to walk slowly biting your lip as the pain sets in. You walk a few steps until he stops you. “How long are you trying to act like they don’t hurt.” he asks almost laughing and points to your shoes. “They don’t.” you lie. “They do. You’re just to stubborn to admit it.” he argues. “Ok yeah they hurt. I’m not used to this.” you mutter the last part. “I’m surprised that you made it for that long.” he says. You shot him a look. “I wouldn’t be mad at me right now as I have the solution. Mum warned me this could happen. Come on she has a pair of flat shoes with her.” he says. You smile and start to walk again only to hiss because of the pain. Quickly your up in Zayn arms. “They really hurt mhh?” You only nod and hide your face in his shoulder completely embarrassed.

Harry (Age 6): “Harry? Why can’t I go with you?” you ask him as he puts on his blazer. “What do you mean? You know you come to the premiere with me. And you should be dressed by now.” he points out. “But I want to go with you on the pretty red carpet.” you mumble and sway from side to say with your hands behind your back. With your head lowered you look up to him. “Please.” you whisper as you see him struggling not to give in. “Look. There’ll be a lot of people who want to take pictures of Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall and me.” he starts to explain. “I would be trouble.” you say sadly. “No no. I don’t mean it like that. Look you know the flash of the camera when mum takes a picture of you?” You nod your head. “I don’t like this.” you add. “See. And all of the people have a camera and there’ll be many flashes. It’s difficult to see and I think it would be better if you stay back.” he explains. Sadly you nod your head yes and start to leave. “I get ready.” you whisper and don’t see the the sad look which overcomes Harry. At the you stand at the end of the carpet with your mum and sister to wait for Harry. You see him and the others as they step on the carpet and he quickly waves at you. Already forgotten that you can’t be with him you wave back making him smile. Almost as he stands by you Harry looks again to you. Suddenly he signals you to come over. Not knowing if he really means it you stay still. “I think Harry wants to see you.” your mum whispers and gives you a little push. Quickly you run into his arms. “One picture won’t hurt.” he whispers into your ear. He waits for a few pictures before walking off the carpet happy that you’re happy.

In case you wonder because of Zayn part. I took dance lessons where you dance with a partner. This means dances like waltz or tango. I had a new pair of high heels on during this evening and as we walked to the car after it my feet hurt so bad. It was horrible. I couldn’t walk anymore in those shoes since every step hurt. Sadly I didn’t have someone to carry me ;) I had to walk to the car in those shoes on my own. This is why I wrote Zayn’s like this.

BSM 55: You need him

Niall: You broke up with your first boyfriend today and you felt miserable. He told you the news during school and now you want to cry the whole time as you really liked him. Your friends tried to talk with you but you refused to speak with them. After school you walk straight home. As you enter the house you couldn’t keep your emotions together anymore. You start to cry immediately and run quickly to your room. Hours went by where you just cried or lied in your bed and listened to sad love songs. After a while you hear a soft knock. “(Y/N)?” Niall asks as he opens the door lightly. “Can I come in?” he asks quietly. You look up to the door and quickly the tears start to roll down your cheeks. “Niall.” you sob as you stretch out your arms for him. Quickly he runs over to you and wraps his arms around your body. “Shh. It’s ok. Want to tell me what happened?” he asks after you calmed down. “We broke up.” you whisper with tears in your eyes. His grip around you tightens and you feel him press a kiss to your head. “You’ll go through this. He’s just a silly boy.” he promises. “I’m glad you’re here. I really need you right now.” you admit. You hear him chuckle as he turns your head so you have to look at him. “That’s why I’m here. Now let’s watch a few movies.”

Liam: It started again. The bullying. A few people didn’t like you and as they are quite popular no one tried to say something against them. Not even your friends but you understood that because you also told them you didn’t want them to be bullied too. As you walk towards your locker you saw the group of people standing around it. You gulp knowing what will come as one of them points towards you. Sadly you’re already too close to run away. “Well look who’s here. You didn’t thought that you could hide now did you?” one of the girls say. “Please just let me go.” you whisper and surprisingly they let you go to your locker. After you had your things together you wanted to go but they didn’t let you, of course. “Tell me where did you get outfit from so I won’t ever go to this shop.” she laughs as she pushes you lightly. “But it wouldn’t make any difference if you go somewhere else. You’re just too fat.” All of them start to laugh so you have the chance to run away. Crying you run out of school into the arms of your friends. “What happened? It was them wasn’t it? I swear-” your best friend starts but you cut her off. “I just need my brother right now.” you sob and they immediately drive you home. As you enter the house you see your brother in the kitchen and so you run in his arms. “Wow. That’s a hello.” he laughs but stops as he notices your tears on his shirt. “Hey hey. What’s wrong?” he asks and looks to your friends. “She didn’t tell us. She just told us that she needs you.” they explain. He nods and rubs your back. “It’s ok. I’m here. We can talk later.” he tells you with a little smile on his lips, happy that even when you’re older you wanted your brother.

Louis: You missed your brother more than anything. You loved to see him happy on tour but of course you’d prefer it when he’s home and spends time with you. As you still go to school it’s even more difficult to find time to visit him on tour. It’s another day where you wished he’d be home but sadly he’s not. “(Y/N)? Dinner is ready. You’re coming?” your mum asks as she enters your room sightly. “No.” you mumble into your pillow. “What’s wrong?” she asks as she walks closer to you. “Nothing.” you answer grumpily. “And now tell me the truth.” she says as she starts to rub your back. Annoyed you push her hand away. “I just want to be alone ok.” you tell her with an raised voice. You see her shocked face as you storm out of the room into the backyard. You didn’t want to hurt your mum but you couldn’t help it. Suddenly someone stands next to you. You look up and see your mum handing you a phone. “Here. There’s someone for you.” she says with a sad smile. You take it from her before answering with a hello. “Hi. It’s Louis. How are you?” your brother asks. “Good.” you tell him. “Well mum says you’re feeling down. So what’s wrong?” he pushes. “I don’t know. I just. I believe I just really miss you and want you here.” you admit quietly. It’s silent for a while. “You know I miss you too. All of you. I know it’s hard but look. Only a few more weeks than we see each other again. I know that you’ll make it until than and don’t be too hard on mum ok?” You sigh. “Yeah. I was just sad.” you tell him and soon you end the call. “Sorry mum. I was sad because of Louis.” you tell her as you walk back into the house. She smiles at you and takes the phone from you.

Zayn: “Zayn. I can do this on my own.” you say laughing as he carries you to the couch. “(Y/N). You have a broken leg. Of course you need help.” he states. You chuckle as he sits next to you to watch a movie. “But not all the time. The distance from the table to the couch isn’t too far.” you argue. “You don’t want to admit it but you need me. At one point you remember my words.” he says sternly while pointing his finger at you. You can’t help and start to laugh. “I’m serious.” he tries to defend himself. “You look hilarious.” you say between laughers. “Yeah yeah.” he mumbles as you continue to watch the movie. After a while you start to get thirsty so you try to stand up. “What do you want. I can get it.” Zayn offers but of course you refuse his offer. You stumble towards the kitchen and grab the apple juice. As you open one of the cupboards you notice that only a glass on the top is left. Sighing to yourself you try to reach it but your leg seems to be in the way. Grunting you stare at the glass hoping it would come down from itself. “Need help?” a voice asks from behind you. You turn around and see your brother smirking and leaning against the doorway. You look annoyed around the kitchen avoiding his eyes. “Well?” he asks again. “Yeah.” you mumble. “What? I don’t think I’ve heard you.” he teases. “Yes I need your help.” you admit finally. “Told you.” he mutters as he gives you the glass.

Harry: As long as you can remember Harry was one of the most important people in your life. Nevertheless as you got older you thought you should be more independent and so you tried to deal with your problems on your own. Sadly this didn’t went like you expected. Everything got to much for you. The stress in school, the hate from a few friends and of course the normal struggles every teenager has. Right now you weren’t so happy with yourself and you didn’t know what to do. You can’t help as you start to cry. You couldn’t help as tears flow down your cheeks. Shaking you stand up and run quickly to your brothers room. You knock on his door but don’t wait for his answer. “(Y/N)? Wait. What’s wrong?” he asks worryingly as you run into his arms. He hugs you tightly to calm you down. “Hey. I’m here. It’s ok.” he whispers in your ear. After a few minutes he pulls away. “What’s wrong?” he asks whipping away your tears. “It’s too much. I can’t keep up with school, the hate and I just don’t know.” you sob into his chest. “Ok. Ok. We’ll find a solution together. You’re not alone.” he explains and kisses your head. “But-but I’m not good en-” you try to argue but he cuts you off. “Shh. Don’t say those things. You’re perfect the way you are.” he says. He strokes your back as you slowly start to relax. Eventually you fall asleep.

BSM 54: You post an inappropriate picture on Instagram and he’s on tour

Niall: Your best friend celebrated her birthday yesterday and since it was Friday you could have a party. She invited a lot of people and somehow she also arranged alcohol. You remember everyone started to drink at some point but what was really going on you can’t remember as you start to wake up. You already told your parents you’d stay at your friends so you know they aren’t worried about you. You look around the room and see you lay next to your friend in her bed. Groaning you get out of the bed because you hear your phone ringing. “Hello.” you mumble into the phone. “(Y/N)? what has gotten into you?” you hear Niall yelling. You take the phone away from your ear as your headache gets noticeable. “Can you please stop yelling.” you plead as you hear him babbling on. “What is wrong?” you ask not knowing why he’s mad. “What’s wrong? I should ask this. Why did you post those pictures?” he asks. “What are you talking about?” you ask confused. “The pictures? From last night? The ones where your drinking and dancing like like. Don’t make me say it.” he explains. “Ok I can’t remember those things Niall. Ok I drunk but I can’t remember posting something.” you tell him. “Then take them at least down right now.” he sighs. “Oh and next time turn off your phone. Texting drunk is never a good idea either. Ask Harry or Louis. They sure had fun reading your texts to them.

Liam: You and your friends are on a trip after the stressful days in school. You all wanted to relax and drove to a lake where it would be only you. You looked around and enjoyed the view and of course you all wanted to go swimming. You quickly changed into your bikinis and go into the water enjoying yourself. After you leave the water again you wanted to take pictures of the peaceful place. “Ok enough of the nature. Now it’s our turn.” on of your friends says making you all laugh. You snap a few and uploaded them on instagram. Being so excited you didn’t even remember you’re all only in your bikinis and that it could be a bit too sexy. As you checked your phone you found a few missed calls from Liam. Immediately you call him back scared that something happened. “Liam?” you ask as he answers the call. “Is something wrong?” you ask panicking. “Well I don’t know but seeing your baby sister showing herself off is could be something.” he says with a raising voice. “Wait. What do you mean exactly?” you interrupt him. “The pictures? You in a bikini with wet hair? The flirty looks?” Liam lists. “We just made some pictures Liam. Maybe we got carried away. I don’t even know how many we uploaded.” you confess. “Well maybe you should have a look at them again. I know I sound protective but I want you to be careful alright?” he asks. “Of course.” you agree and actually delete some of them after you saw them again.

Louis: You loved to be a bit rebellious from time to time but it never got out of hand so no one really said something about it since you never did something too bad at least they never knew about it. As you hang out with a few friends some started to smoke. You never really tried it so of course you thought you could give it go. “Hey. Can I try it?” you ask walking in the middle of them. “Sure.” they tell you and you start to smoke. Quickly you realize you don’t like it. “I have no idea how you do this.” you laugh with them as they chuckle at your coughing. “But I have to make a picture of the only time I smoke.” you say and quickly snap it. You didn’t notice that you post it at the same time on instagram but other people did. A lot of them wrote Louis via twitter and he couldn’t believe what he’s seeing. Not even a second later he calls you. “Hi Louis.” you say happily as you answer the phone. “Why are you smoking?” he asks clearly angry. “What? I don’t smoke.” you chuckle. “Stop this. I saw the picture you posted on instagram.” he explains. “Shit. I posted it?” you say panicking. “Yes you did. Now don’t try to tell me you don’t smoke.” Louis demands. “I’m not I promise. Ok I wanted to try it but this was the first and last time. This is why I made a picture of it. I didn’t realize I posted it.” you explain him. “It’s better is like this.” he says now more relaxed.

Zayn: You and your boyfriend are together for not so long. You really like him so it was naturally that you spend a lot of time together. You’re in your room with him and just enjoy being around each other. Nevertheless something bothered you. “You know I saw you and this girl today.” you say quietly. “What do you mean?” he asks confused. “In school at your locker. She was flirting with you.” you add. “But you’re my girlfriend I don’t want anyone else. You know that. It’s just that some people don’t know that we’re together.” he explains. “I know. I just wished that stopped.” you sigh and lay on your back. “Wait I have an idea.” he smiles and comes over to you. “Give me your phone.” he smirks. You don’t question him wanting to know what he’s up to. He leans in and kisses you passionately. Then you head the sound signalling a picture was taken. “Perfect. I post this now and then they now you’re mine and I’m yours.” he smiles and kisses your lips lightly again. You totally loved the idea and agreed. A few minutes later you get a call. “Zayn? How are you?” you ask. “I would be better if you didn’t make out with some random boy.” Suddenly you remember Zayn didn’t know you have a boyfriend. “No. No that’s not like that.” you try to argue. “Well what than? You just make out with boys and post pictures of it. That’s not right.” he says angrily. “He’s my boyfriend ok? We’re together since a bit and we wanted that everyone knows this.” you tell him in short. You hear him sigh. “Well I want to meet him soon.”

Harry: You liked to take pictures of every moment in your life so of course you were included on a lot of them. Being extremely bored you decided to take a few pictures of yourself. You had on and oversized pullover which reached to your mid thigh. You experienced with it a bit and thought that one looks really nice. You posted it and instantly got positive review. Letting it be you went on twitter a bit and noticed that a lot of people tweeted the picture to your brother. You still thought what could be wrong but you should get your answer soon. You phone rings and you see it’s your brother. You answered it and are greeted by a not so happy Harry. “Why did you post this picture?” he asks. “Why not?” you ask in return. “Well maybe because you aren’t wearing pants and only pullover?” You went on instagram to reassure him it’s not so bad but you weren’t so sure anymore as you see it. “I just took a few pictures and thought it looks nice.” you explain. “But you’re not wearing pants.” he says desperately. “Yeah ok. Maybe it’s a bit short.” you confess. “Will you take it down for me?” he begs lightly. “I don’t like seeing my sister like that.” he adds. “Yeah I’ll do it.” you sigh.