BSM 13: One of the boys is your babysitter and you sneak out

Niall: “Niall. That’s so unfair.” you yell as he gets ready to go out. “It is not. And don’t you dare to talk to me like that. I’m your older brother you should have a little bit respect.” he says with anger in his voice. “But you go out. Why can’t I? And then you get me a babysitter?” you whine lowering your voice so he doesn’t gets too mad. He sighs. “Because you’re not 18 yet and it’s Liam we are talking about. You can’t really call him a babysitter.” Just then the doorbells rings. “And here he is.” you mumble as Niall opens the door. After your brother told him the rules he left leaving you alone with Liam. “So? What do you want to do.” Liam asks. You think for a second. “Well I still have homework so I’ll do them now.” you say and walk upstairs even if you didn’t have any. “Oh ok. Well tell me if you need something.” he yells after you. As you close your door you get an fantastic idea how you can still go out. Knowing Liam he wouldn’t disturb you while you study. You quickly grab your things, climb out of your window and make your way to your friends feeling guilty as ever as she opens the door.

Liam: “(Y/N)?” Liam asks as he enters the room. “I wanted to tell you I’m going out tonight.” You nod yes and add. “No problem. I’m going to the festival with my friend.” He shakes his head. “No you will not go alone to a festival.” Confused you look up. “But why? We planned this for forever.” you tell him sad. He shakes his head again. “No chance.” he says and starts to leave but turns around. “Oh and you should know Niall comes over to watch you.” Thinking of the perfect plan you started to prepare your bed. You laid more blankets under your real blanket so it would look like someone sleeps in your bed. Also you packed your bag and laid it near the front door. Later as he left Niall made dinner and asked you if you wanted something. You told him you’re tired and would go to bed but you used the chance of him being in the kitchen and get your back before you walked out of the door. You greet your friend at the place where the festival was. Unfortunately you couldn’t get rid of the weird feeling inside of you.

Louis: “Louis? You know that you are my favourite brother of all the time right?” you say as you enter his room. “I guess? But please tell me what you really want.” Louis tells you with a knowing look. “Ok ok. I wanted to ask you since you go out maybe I could go to my boyfriends house tonight.” He gives you a sceptical look but you didn’t want to give up yet. “I mean it would be good if I had someone to spend my time with. I wouldn’t be alone and nothing could happen to me. This would make you happy and me too right?” you smile hopefully. “Nice speech.” he laughs. “But no. I know for a fact that he is alone tonight but don’t worry I asked Harry to come over so he’ll watch you and you’ll be ok.” You sigh heavily as you sit down on the couch next to Harry. “Sorry babe but you know how Louis gets. Let’s watch a movie.” And so you do but realize soon that Harry is really tired. You know exactly how to get him to sleep and start to play with his curls. Quickly he falls asleep and you walk casually out of your house to your boyfriends happy that your plan worked out.

Zayn: “Ok (Y/N). I’m leaving now?” You heard Zayn yell. Confused you walk to him. “What do you mean?” you ask him as you notice Louis next to him. “I’m going out and Louis will watch you.” Your eyes went wide. “B-but I thought you would go with (y/bf/n) and me to the concert. You know we can’t go alone.” you whine. “You told me it would be next week. Sorry sis but I have to go.” he says. “But Louis could-” “Don’t even think about it. Don’t get me wrong but if you go to a concert then it’s with me.” And so he leaves you but you could still yell at him that he’s stupid. You run into your room and lock the door. Louis thought it would be the best to give you some space and so you called your friend and told her what happened. “Don’t worry. A friend of mine he’s a few years older then us he can come with us. Just sneak out.” she says and that’s what you do. As she sends you a text that they are here you climb out of the window and run towards the car driving off to have one of your best nights ever.

Harry: “What do you think? Should I wear a dress or is this too much. Maybe just jeans and a shirt?” You ask your friend over the phone. “Don’t worry (Y/N). He’ll will like everything but you should wear something you’re comfortable with.” she says. “You’re right. Well I better get ready. Bye” you say and end the call. You decided to wear a pair of jeans and the shirt following your friends advice. After you finished your make up you walk down to the front door but you walk right into Harry. “Whoa. What’s the rush. Wait. Why are you dressed up like this?” he asks. “I’m going on a date.” you explain. “You never ask me if you can go.” he states. You gave him a look. “Don’t give me these looks. I go out myself and I asked Zayn to come over to watch you. I don’t want you to go out with some boy I don’t know and then I’m not even home. You didn’t even asked me. Sorry you stay home.” And as quick as he demands this he’s out of the house as Zayn comes into the house. You groan in frustration and tell Zayn he finds you in the garden. As you sit down on a chair the door to the street becomes more and more interesting until you can’t take it any more and sneak out even if you know you’ll be in a lot of trouble.