BSM 13: One of the boys is your babysitter and you sneak out - Part 2

Niall: “Is everything ok (Y/N)?” your friend asks as she notice you spaced out once again. “What? Ehm yeah. Sorry I just-” All of your friends look at you. “I sneaked out because Niall didn’t want me to go but now I feel terrible. Liam was supposed to watch me but he called me a few times now and I think is freaking out right now.” You feel a hand on your shoulder. “Call him. Maybe he won’t tell Niall.” You nod and dial his number. “(Y/N)? Is this you?” “Yes” you say shortly. “Oh thank god. Where are you I’m freaking out here.” You tell him the address and he comes to pick you up. As you arrive home and sit on the couch he asks you for answers. “I thought it was so unfair for Niall to go out and not me. I love him but sometimes it’s too much. I just wanted to meet my friends. He’ll be so mad and I will be grounded until forever.” you sigh. “I didn’t know you planned to tell him you sneaked out.” Liam says to after a while. You look at him. “I don’t now a thing” he says with a wink. “Thank you so much.” you tell him as you give him a massive hug.

Liam: Where the hell are you? Was the circa 10th text from Niall. You sigh and showed it your friend. “Maybe this wasn’t your best idea.” she says after reading the it. “I know but I’m in trouble anyway so why shouldn’t I enjoy at least my last hours in freedom?” She gives you a look and you sigh. “I get it.” you mumble as you text Niall where you two are. Seconds later he writes back that he comes and gets you. “Here we go. I’m grounded until I die.” you tell your friend dramatical as she laughs. “Come on. It will be ok.” She leads you out of the area towards to Niall’s car. As he drives you home it’s way to quiet for you. “Can you please say something?” He ignores you for a while but answers. “You know that something could have happened to you?” You stare at him and realize how worried he must been. “I’m sorry. I was mad that Liam said I couldn’t go and forget to think.” you explain. “You should know I called Liam and told him what happened. He wasn’t happy.” You groan. “Don’t worry. I calmed him down. He said something from grounded for 2 weeks.” Could be worse you think to yourself as you arrive home.

Louis: You thought your plan was perfect but that changed as you knocked on your boyfriend’s front door. “What are you doing here babe. I thought Louis said no.” he says and leads you in to the couch. You told him how Harry is supposed to watch you and that you sneaked out. You look up to him but his face doesn’t show happiness. “Do you even know how mad everyone will be? Your brother isn’t the biggest fan of me anyway and I think this will not change something. Come on I drive you back.” You try to protest but he gives you a look and you realize that he could be right. As you walk through the front door of your house you find not only Harry but Louis as well. “What were you thinking?” Louis asks furious. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking.” you whisper. “I was so scared and Harry too. Now tell me was this the idea of your boyfriend?” he says and motions to him. “No. He was the one who said that this was a stupid idea and I should come back.” you explain and he looks very sceptical. “Is this true?” he asks your boyfriend who nods and says. “I should probably leave” he gives you a kiss on the cheek and turns around. “I will regret this” Louis mumbles. “If you want you can stay.” he says louder. “Really?” You, your boyfriend and Harry ask. “It wasn’t so fair not to let you see him and he showed that he can be responsible. I swear if you make me regret thi-” “You won’t.” you say and kiss his cheek.

Zayn: You and your friend sing the whole ride home the songs from the concerts. It was easy to see you both loved it. You arrive at your house and your friend walked with you to your window to help you up the window. “Bye” you whisper as she walks back to the car. You laugh to yourself remembering the good time you had today. Suddenly you light turns on and you scream. Looking behind you you find Louis and Zayn standing there. You gulp as you see their expressions. “How was the concert?” Zayn asks way to calm. “Great.” you mumble.” Great? I hope it was worth it to sneak out.” You look down and got mad. You told him you wanted to go but he just forgot it so why was it only your fault? “You know what? Yes it was worth it and I would do it again. I told you how badly we wanted to go to the concert but you weren’t listening again. So yeah. Excuse me for having a good time when my brother stopped listening.” you yell as tears form in your eyes. As you see his shocked face you look down. “Sorry” you mumble but to your surprise no yelling. He wraps his arms around you. “But I do care. I’m sorry that I forgot but that gives you not the right to sneak out. No going out for the next two weekends.”

Harry: You felt horrible. The date is great until Zayn calls. You ignored it and wrote him a quick text to tell him where you are and why. “Something wrong?” your date asks. “No I’m sorry. This was really important.” He nods and you two continue to eat dinner. As he leaves to use the bathroom you check your phone and see Zayn answer. Be back at 10.30. You stared at it. He allows you to stay out? Shrugging you put your phone away and as your date comes back you made your way to the next cinema. After the movie he drives you home and gives you a kiss on the cheek. You squeal as you enter the house. “So I take it that your date was good?” Zayn asks. You nod yes. “Why didn’t you get mad?” He shrugs. “I understand you. Don’t worry I won’t tell Harry but this was the first and last time that I lie for you ok?” You nod yes and you two decide to watch a movie. After a while Harry comes through the door. “I hope she wasn’t too much trouble.” Harry laughs as Zayn starts to leave. “Nah. She is more then happy right now.”